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Wear your Braces in Style!

You are in the wonderful era of customization. You can customize almost everything then why should your braces be left behind. The colored braces are aimed at satisfying the cosmetic needs of the youth and teenagers. This age group has the maximum number of beauty-conscious individuals.

It can be really delighting to say that you need not wear those old metal braces that gave you a boring metallic smile. You can enjoy your orthodontic treatment period in a colorful yet comfortable way. All you have to do is just opt for the right color that suits your personality the best.

Braces, in general, is the word used to describe the complete orthodontic treatment appliance fitted to our teeth. It is composed of two major components namely- archwires and brackets. The brackets are glued to the teeth and the molars are covered with molar bands. Through these brackets and molar bands and tubes the archwires are passed which help in binding the teeth together.

 When we say colored braces, it is actually the elastics that are colored. These elastics are used to fasten the archwire to the brackets. The archwires and brackets are same as the traditional ones. If you wish to get colored braces, you should ask your orthodontist to show you the color wheel. It has a variety of color and shades. You can pick one amongst them that suits you the most and is your favorite. . You must be slightly careful in your selection process because if you wish to change after the installation of the braces, you might have to wait till the next appointment.

The elastics that are meant to bring about tooth movement are slightly different from those that are used to fasten the archwire. They come in different thicknesses. The force applied on teeth is directly proportional to the thickness of the elastics used. During tooth movement you may experience some degree of pain as well. It can be taken care of by the administration of few painkillers.

See to it that you don’t go for yucky colors. You can have two different colors for your upper and lower braces or a single color for both or two colors that are alternating with each other. Don’t go for lighter colors because your teeth might appear more yellow. You can opt for darker colors because your teeth will look all the more whiter. Going for tooth-colored braces is good from esthetic point of view but are expensive. Tooth colored braces can have thin metallic archwires or tooth colored brackets that are made of ceramic.

A wise and intelligent choice is important as far as the color of the braces is concerned. If you choose green, it will give the look as though you are having food particles all over your teeth. Black braces give an impression to your brackets of being larger than normal.

Once your colorful braces are installed you can flaunt your colorful smile with great pride!

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