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Crown Sensitivity

A dental crown is an artificial prosthesis that is placed on a tooth to restore its shape and function. Your teeth make you look beautiful and help you chew food properly. If teeth are eaten away by dental decay, the structure of the tooth becomes compromised.

This leads to crushing of teeth on chewing of food. Tooth structure can be lost due to trauma as well. In such circumstances, a dental crown is placed on top of the tooth. It covers the tooth on all the sides. Hence, it is referred to as a cap popularly.

For the placement of the dental crown, the tooth needs to be reduced in dimension from all aspects. This is done to create sufficient space to accommodate the dental crown. Then the impression of the reduced tooth is recorded. With the help of the impression a customised dental crown is created for the patient in the laboratory. In the next appointment, this dental crown is glued to the reduced tooth.

Some people experience some amount of sensitivity after the placement of crown. It can last for few days to weeks. Listed below are few of the main reasons that can cause sensitivity after wearing a dental crown-

1. Bite problem - In some cases, the patient develops pain while biting on the crown. This is because the crown is little taller than usual. Even though it occurs rarely, it can be corrected once the dentist is notified about the issue.

2. Underlying tooth - If the nerves within the underlying tooth are close to the crown, you may develop sensitivity. This is more likely in cases of metallic crowns as metals are good conductors of heat or cold.

3. Uncovered areas – In very rare circumstances, the sensitivity can be due to incomplete coverage by the crown. This can occur if there was a discrepancy in recording measurements of the prepared tooth. There are very minimal chances of such errors. Uncovered areas provide an easy access for the oral fluids to enter the area between the crown and the teeth and cause sensitivity.

If you are suffering from sensitivity after crown placement you can wait for few days for it to go by itself. If that does not happen, you are supposed to report it to your dentist. The reasons mentioned above can be corrected only in a dental office by your dentist. Hence, you should seek the help of your dental expert if you have-

- Increased frequency of sensitivity

- More sensitivity to cold.

- Sensitivity that persists for a long time

- Pain while biting on food.

- Red and swollen gums

Living in doubt is not a great idea. If you have an issue with your newly placed crown, you should get assistance without waiting for it to worsen.

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