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Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you cringe when you eat something cold, hot or sweet? Do you often wonder why some people have no trouble with that, but you do? Maybe you would like to finally bite onto that ice cream bar without feeling a sting of pain. It is a very awful sensation, but do you know what this happens?

You see, the teeth are made up of several layers. The innermost layer is the pulp chamber and it houses the pulp tissue which connects to the nerve and blood supply of the body. This is immediately lined by a substantial amount of dentin, which extends throughout the tooth, from crown to roots. The outermost layer of teeth is enamel in the crown area and cementum in the roots. Ideally, the hard tissues of the teeth are supposed to protect you from sensitivity.

But why are your teeth sensitive?

There are several reasons why this is happening:

  • Tooth decay. If there is a cavity or opening on the teeth, and it is deep enough to penetrate into the area of the pulp, the tooth is going to be sensitive. Food, air and liquid can get into the cavity and the stimuli can bring about pain. A tooth with a cavity needs to be filled; it needs to be cleaned and then restored, so that the pulp will not be exposed.

  • Fracture and abrasion. If a tooth has been fractured or abraded due to a physical blow, normal wear and tear, or teeth grinding, the inner layers of the teeth may be exposed. If a fracture has led to a chip or break on the teeth, it may be restored with a filling or a crown. If there is constant threat of wear and tear, due to night grinding or sports, a mouth guard is going to be essential. An appliance, such as that, will provide protection for the teeth and prevent pulp exposure.

  • Hypersenstive teeth. Sometimes there is no cavity, fracture or abrasion, but the teeth are sensitive and it is mind boggling. Understand, however, that the teeth have pores. The enamel is made of up rods and the dentin has tubules that are fluid-filled. Sometimes these structures are highly activated and they make the teeth more sensitive. If this is the case, you will need desensitizing toothpastes to clog the pore and protect the pulp from exposure.

Nobody should have to endure teeth sensitivity. If this is your problem, see your dentist, so that you become pain-free.

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