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The Value of Dental Checkups

A dental check-up may seem  nothing more than just a waste of your time, especially if you feel nothing on any of your teeth, but that is where a lot of people go wrong. Most people forget their dentist when things are fine and you will have people going months to years, without a trip to the dentist. But how irresponsible is that though?

This is primarily because we often fail to realize the importance of healthy teeth and gums. The process of digestion starts off in the mouth and about 30 percentage of our food is digested in our mouth. Our teeth have a major role in supplying nutrition to our body as they grind the food into small particles that can be easily digested inside the stomach. Do you know that people are advised to see their dentists twice a year or every six months? The effort you put into your oral hygiene at home is not enough.

Why should you visit the dentist for check-ups?

  • Early detection of disease or infection. Some diseases and infections progress without presenting any alarming signs. A patient will insist that there is nothing wrong because there is no pain, swelling, discomfort and so forth. But only a dentist can tell that for sure. If you come at the right time, problems will be resolved even before it progresses to a full blown dental dilemma.
  • Regular cleaning and scaling. No matter how good you think you fair in the washroom with your toothbrush, floss, tongue scraper and what not; only a dentist can properly rid your teeth with tartar and plaque. You go to the dentist for dental check-ups and cleaning because you value this truth—and it will save the health and beauty of your smile.
  • Radiographic examinations. When a simple oral examination does not reveal the real picture, radiographs can be taken. A radiograph can see problems within the teeth and bone, even before it presents with any significant symptoms.
  • Preventive measures. Apart from early detection, you can visit your dentist to receive a number of preventive procedures. This includes dental cleaning, sealants, fluoride, mouth guards and so forth.

This is the truth: what you see in the mirror when you brush your teeth is not the real picture. There are signs and symptoms that you may not notice, just because it is not signified by pain or discomfort. The trained eye of a dentist can spot problems better than you, so make time to visit your dentist every six months. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and in the long run - your diligence will save you more time, money and effort.

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