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Busting Ridiculous Myths about Babies and their Dental Health

Myths are often powerful enough to overcome you. In the case of oral health, specifically in babies, there are quite a number of misconstrued facts that go around and they get in the way of proper dental care. It’s now time to bust these myths, once and for all.

* The baby is too young to see the dentist.  Some parents think that their children are too young to see the dentist, until the child is in dire need and there is no choice. When you ask them they will say, “He was still too young”, but that is just ridiculous. As soon as the child is able to sit and take orders, to open his mouth, he can be a dental patient. A child as young as 2 years old can enjoy his first visit to the dentist. Starting them young is important because it will surely make a difference.

* Baby teeth are not important. Many people think that the “life” of baby teeth is not important, being that they are temporary in the first place. They are quick to order them out (extracted) because they will be replaced anyway. Well, not only do the children need the aesthetic, speech and masticatory function of the teeth—the baby teeth also hold the space intact for the coming permanent. Losing the teeth prematurely may lead to delayed eruption, crowding and other orthodontic issues.

* The baby’s teeth do not need to be brushed. People say that since baby teeth are temporaries and will be replaced, they do not need to be brushed. So what happens now if the tooth gets infected with caries? What if the plaque accumulates and the child develops gum disease? Understand that the temporary teeth are not exempt from all that, whether or not they are temporary.

* Don’t fret about dental caries on baby teeth, these teeth are only temporary.  Unfortunately, neglecting dental caries on baby teeth can lead to dental infection. Caries will progress as it should and neglect is downright irresponsible.

A baby is in no way able to care for his teeth so it should be understandable that you are in charge of his dental health. Parents and guardians hold the responsibility of taking good care of the overall health of the child and this covers the health and beauty of their smile. Part of your responsibility is to determine which truths to believe.

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