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Time To Say - Adios Dentures!

Well, the day is not far when dentures are going to take a backseat. Who wants to be subjected to few of the most embarrassing situations in life just because of DENTURES! When the world is moving at such a fast pace why should one be left behind with conventional age-old options and not be upgraded to something new and better.

Dentures can be extremely problematic at some or the other point of time. Even though, no artificial replacements can substitute the comfort of having natural teeth, fixed prostheses like implants or dental bridges can give you the ease of chewing better than a conventional removable prosthesis like denture can offer.

Dentures have been the most primitive means of replacing teeth and were popular because they were cost-effective. Due to the discomfort caused by the dentures, people ask for better fixed solutions of tooth replacement. Below mentioned are few of the issues that are associated with denture use-

  1. Reduction of the chewing power- One of the biggest drawbacks of wearing a denture is that your chewing power lowers considerably. Hence, one needs to apply an extra force to break down the food into pieces before swallowing it.

  2. Socially awkward- Imagine the humiliation you face when the denture just slips down when you blow a cup of hot tea or steaming soup! Dentures work on the principle of vacuum. Once the vacuum is lost, it drops down or loosens up.

  3. Wearing off of bone- If the denture you wear is not fitting you in an exact way you tend to wear the same and adjust according to it. This process of adjustments ends up in faulty biting and finally takes its toll on the underlying bone. The bone starts to wear off slowly and the dentures become all the more loose-fitting.

  4. Sores and bruises- Denture wearers always tend to experience a lot of bruises or sores during the time period when they are trying to get accustomed to the prosthesis. Since the dentures remain on the tissue for almost the whole day, the oral tissues are more prone to develop problems like fungal infections.

Dental bridges are one of the most esthetic and comfortable teeth replacement options available. They function almost like natural teeth. As they do not cover the soft tissues like dentures, the presence of an external prostheses itself is not perceived by the patient.

Dental implants are like almost an artificial replica of a natural tooth wherein the root part is the implant itself and the tooth part seen above the gums is replicated by an artificial crown.

Upgrading oneself to fixed prosthesis is no longer a far-fetched dream. It is very much accessible in terms of the treatment itself and the budget as well. All you need is to fix an appointment with your dentist to know more about it.

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