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BioMinF: A New Approach to Fight Dental Cavities

Dental cavities is one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide. It is one of the reasons for pain and discomfort in children and adults and needs regular dental check-up for inhibition of progression of the decay to deeper layers of teeth.

BioMinF can be the solution to all your cavity-related problems. This toothpaste has the property to remineralize the tooth and almost reverse the process of demineralization.

How does a dental decay happen?

Dental decay occurs due to the confluence of the three factors:

1. Sugars

2. Decay-causing bacteria in plaque

3. Tooth surface

Our teeth surfaces are covered by a biofilm called plaque. The biofilm is composed of food remnants and decay-causing bacteria.  Most of our diet consists of refined fermentable carbohydrates which is the name used to denote sugars in processed food. These are cavity-causing in nature because the decay-causing bacteria are fond of such sugars and thrive on them by digesting them. During this process acids are released as a by-product. These acids act on the tooth surface and cause the demineralization of teeth. Demineralization is the process by which the minerals are washed off from the teeth. (Please note- 70% of a tooth is made out of minerals, 20% of organic content and 10% of water). When the minerals are lost from the teeth, what remains is the organic skeleton which is extremely fragile and wears off easily under the chewing forces.

Hence, we should understand that inhibition of the process of demineralization, in itself, would be one of the greatest steps to achieve strong and healthy teeth. Remineralization is the process by which the lost minerals of the teeth are replenished and the teeth are brought into the previous state wherein they were adequately mineralized.

BioMinF toothpaste has the capacity to remineralize your teeth even when you are fast asleep. This is because of its unique property of remineralization through which the teeth receive calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions through a slow-releasing formula for about 8 to 12 hours after brushing your teeth with this toothpaste. These ions work on the demineralized tooth surfaces and make fluorapatite crystals that are resistant to dental decay. This way they form an impervious layer over the tooth surface that makes the teeth absolutely strong to counter germ attack.

We have many fluoridated toothpastes in the market but what makes BioMinF different from the conventional ones is the duration for which the effect of mineralization lasts. In our ordinary conventional toothpaste, the fluoride action lasts only for about 2 or 3 hours as they contain sodium fluoride that gets washed off quite easily. But this extraordinary toothpaste stays on the teeth surfaces for a longer duration imparting strength and resistance from decay to the teeth.

This can be called as an upcoming innovation in the world of dentistry which will certainly help the population worldwide to attain freedom from dental decay and even manage the initial signs and symptoms of sensitivity.

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